"art should change the temperature in a room" 

- Charly Palmer




Charly Palmer was born in 1960 in Fayette, Alabama and raised in Milwaukee. He relocated to Chicago to study Art and Design at American Academy of Art and School of the Art Institute. As a graphic designer and illustrator, he has run a successful design studio with a Fortune 500 clientele. As an instructor, he teaches design and illustration and painting at the post-secondary level—most recently—Spelman College. Currently, Palmer devotes his life to his creative goals and has established himself as a fine artist of note.

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13 Incredible Black Artists, Past And Present, Everybody Should Know

Written by Marshall A. Latimore
On an unusually warm Saturday morning in an old church-turned-artists-haven, visual artists Charly Palmer and Jamaal Barber are wrapping several of their pieces in plastic wrap while talking about their creative process and what inspires their work.Both artists — Palmer, a painter, and Barber, a print maker — have multiple “Black History Month” shows throughout February. Barber has an exhibit titled “Bright Black” that opens Feb. 10 through Feb. 23 at the Southwest Arts Center. Palmer has an exhibit at the Auburn Avenue Research Library titled “Divided States,” that will open Feb. 18 through March 25.

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