The Man I Am

THE MAN I AM , a documentary film, chronicles a historic event in the Civil Rights Era that receives underwhelming attention. It’s impact and importance is examined through the experience, inspiration and work of ten African-American male artists. The film explores the nuance of Black male participation in two worlds–activism and art. It comes at a time when Black men continue to be targets of an American power structure that has systematically and violently assaulted  the notion of Black Masculinity for the past 300 years. The role Black men play in collectively advocating for their community and loving one another is largely undermined. And, while Black men ironically have emerged as one of the most powerful creative forces on the planet, their representation in the mainstream art industry is still woefully lacking. THE MAN I AM  turns a lens on these slights and, in the process, exalts the talent and vision of a set of eminent Black artists.

I AM A MAN is a collaborative effort among renowned artist Charly Palmer, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nick Chiles, Award-winning director Jerry Lamothe, New York Times best-selling author Denene Millner, and arts and culture writer Ida Harris.